Super Team Services is your trusted source for real estate services! Since 2014 we have been building in-house businesses in order to provide SUPER service to our clients, team members, and community! From home inspection, to the option period and closing on a home, to maintaining the home, and improving your most valuable investment. Then, finally, even getting ready to list and sell your home. No matter the stage, we have got you covered with our Move-in Services and Beyond! 

*We have services in both Austin and DFW. Currently our Handyman & Renovations, Pest & Termite, and Home Maintenance Division are available in DFW only. Austin coming soon.*

Handyman & Renovations

From general handyman to renovation projects our home pros have you covered! Our services range from caulking windows to painting, to electrical work! 

Whether you are experiencing pest issues currently or are just wanting to protect your family and property from unwanted pest invasions, STS Pest & Termite has the answer!

Powered by our Concierge Division, our move-in services save you time, money, and make the moving process less stressful for you! We can get an insurance quote for closing, set up utilities, secure movers, and coordinate cleaning, pest, and repairs!


With our Ozone and UV Light technology we can purify the air and surfaces in your home! This method has been used for years to eliminate bacteria, viruses, toxins, allergens, and odors!


Our personal concierges are happy to assist you with all your home care needs, including finding vetted vendors in your area such as plumbers, electricians, roofers, HVAC techs, etc. 

Super Inspector is just that, SUPER. With our 6 super powers, we are your one-stop shop for real estate services!

Sewer Camera

It is always a good idea to know the condition of the home's plumbing! Tree roots and soil movement can cause cracks in the sewer lines! Get a plumbing scope and be knowledge about your investment! 

Super Team Services is Ready to Help YOU Save the Day!

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Super Home Checkup

Stay on top of it! Annual checkups are not only important for you, but also for your home! We perform regularly scheduled home maintenance check-ups to identify priority maintenance and safety concerns, review major mechanical system health, and recommend solutions for needed repairs. 

The purpose of the inspection: “It is designed to help current homeowners to prevent $100 fixes from becoming $1,000 problems.”

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